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Another Alias returns with the second installment of White Of My Eyes. WOME002 continues along the path laid out by 001, but takes it a step further into varied moods from the sledgehammer-esque “Heave” to the melancholy “Creep on The Couch”, while keeping with his off-kilter rhythms and erratic synth work.

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Another Alias launches the first release in the series of White of My Eyes. 001 showcases the first in a collection of his most original works, true to his style and outlining his perspective on contemporary techno with busy percussion and irregular synth work.


Another Alias

With over a decade of experience in electronic music, Dublin based Dermot Bateman is making an early stamp on the techno scene as Another Alias.

Firing out some potent newcomer releases on New York Trax Imports, Green Fetish, Variant Electronic & former ARTS sister label Dunsciat.

His musical style is reflective of a large variety of ever changing genres and influences from his life, but he always incorporates his love for thick, meaty drums and tasteful distortion that makes his tracks hit hard and are certain to leave a dent in the modern wave of Techno.




Artwork: Macka

Vinyl Distribution: Straight

Digital Distribution: DigDis

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